We find inspiration in nature

We know, that the nature hides a big potency. Plant-based ingredients have been used in medicine for a very long time. Using the modern technology, we extract the best from the plants. Our products are mainly based on natural phytophenols-rich extracts, the polyphenol compounds of botanical origin, in particular berries-derived. We create proprietary compositions, using their synergy of biological activities. We apply the principle of “clean label” in our products by using only necessary raw materials, free from preservatives, artificial dyes or additives/fillers.


Goal and mission

Our main goal is to provide people who need support with the best quality products, which demonstrate the laboratory confirmed effectiveness. Therefore, apart from the own laboratory where we conduct several experiments on various cells models, we also conduct studies in collaboration with academics and clinics, in order to prove the efficiency of the data obtained in the laboratory on clinical onset. In AronPharma we also use the R&D expertise and experience of the sister companies- Greenvit and Bart in sourcing and production of key ingredients. We have an innovative approach to new products and therapies. We focus on the research and development of the formulations based on the natural extracts. Our nutraceuticals are unique and their activity is backed by pre-clinical and clinical studies. We mach advanced solutions to patients needs, especially in terms of metabolic disorders, oncological treatment support and physical activity and recently in immune support (Flu and COVID-19).

Our values are: Quality, Research, Development, Responsibility.
We built trust with our customers.

Our advantage

is our own research facility and the use of Poland native extracts, in particular the combinations of extracts standardized for the polyphenols content. In our products we use simple compositions in accordance with the “clean label”. We specialise in extraction and standardization of the antioxidant-rich, berries-derived extracts .
In addition, thanks to our own patent protected technology using the column chromatography at the stage of compounds separation we obtain the desired compound fractions – highly concentrated anthocyanins, which means higher biological activity.

Main activity

The company is first of all concentrating on the research and development of the new products (nutraceuticals, medical devices, food for special medical purposes) based on the natural extracts, rich in polyphenolic compounds derived from berries (chokeberry, elderberry, black currant and others), as well from other plants rich in polyphenols.

Our goal is the introduction of the advanced solutions supporting the treatment of the main disease entities such as diabetes, cardiology, regeneration process, aging and oncology.

We sell our products in Poland, and also look for the international partners for the active global collaboration.

From the raw material to the ready product

The combination of the R&D and production expertise is not a common model on the market. This gives us a considerable competitive advantage thanks to the comprehensive services and quality control at every stage of the product development.
The so called “one stop shop” is rare in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical field because of the in-depth specialisation of particular companies in these segments of the market. The all-embracing activity gives a more important control over every aspect of the project, as well as the certainty, that every stage of the production will be adjusted to the needs of the particular product. High quality of the product is achieved thanks to the holistic view to the process of development and manufacturing.
A close partnership with Greenvit enables the fully integrated process of the product development from the initial idea through the development research, formulations, stability studies, pre-clinical and clinical studies to the raw material production and the final product. This is a unique structure in which AronPharma acts as a research (technological) unit and Greenvit as a production-implementation (raw materials – API) unit.

Technological potential

Polyphenol-rich extracts from berries, extracted using the advanced, patent protected methods can be widely used including dyes, antioxidants, food additives, dietary supplements, food for special medical purposes, drugs and cosmetics manufacturing.
AronPharma is constantly studying and improving the ingredients and the ready products. Thanks to the modern laboratory and the access to the tested raw materials we create unique products with the proven activity.

Company structure

Thanks to the partnership with the technology companies like Greenvit Sp. z o.o. and Bart Sp. z o.o. we have a strong research base and create a product with exhaustive medical grounds.


A global manufacturer of:

  • Raw materials and additives for the food industry, including natural flavourings and dyes,
  • Raw materials and ingredients for pharmaceutical and food supplements industry.


Technology company founded in 2018:

  • Research company: the budget of the R&D projects: 9 mln PLN (2019-2023)
  • Financing: The National Centre for Research and Development and the Pomerania Development Agency (EU funds)
  • Business area: Research and development of the products (nutraceuticals, biotechnology, pharmacy), production and distribution of the products in Poland and globally (mainly European markets)


A global manufacturer of raw materials and extracts for the food supplements and herbal drugs.

Dr inż. Krzysztof Lemke

Michał Bartkowiak

Manager Managing EU projects

mgr Krzysztof Kubiś

Specialist B+R,
process management

Dr inż. Barbara Khaidakov

Senior specialist B+R,
OncoAron project manager

Dr inż. Michał Laskowski

Dr Paulina Kowalczyk

Senior Specialist B+R,
COVID project manager


Economical Gryphon award 2020

Aronpharma Sp. z o.o. was awarded the “Economical Gryphon 2020” in the category Pomeranian Start-up.

An award in such a prestigious competition gives us a huge motivation for further evolution and the joy for the appreciation of our previous achievements.
Economical Gryphon is an annual regional prize being granted for already 20 years. The enterprises are awarded for supporting and launching innovative projects (especially those in line with the goals of the Development strategy of the Pomeranian region 2030) and for the good business pratices.

Consumers award

The line of OxiPac products significantly improves the quality and the comfort of live. Thanks to the holistic activity and high quality ingredients the products were appreciated by the consumers and obtained an award – “Customer’s Laurel – Discovery of the year 2020”.

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