Research and development projects

Our projects gained recognition and support from the National Centre for Research and Development (MetAron and Covid-19 – Sars-CoV-2 projects) and from the Pomerania Development Agency (OncoAron project).


Development of natural based products, extracts rich in polyphenolic compounds supporting the treatment of diabetes.

Value of the project: 3 948 188,70 PLN

Value of the co-financing: 2 960 982,92 PLN

Time of¬†realization: 2019 ‚Äst2023

Goals of the project: The main goal of the project realization is the introduction to the market of the brand new products, based on natural extracts, rich in polyphenolic compounds, like chokeberry, evening primrose and other polyphenol-rich plants. The mechanism of activity is the support of the metformin treatment, as well as the cytoprotective activity, reducing the intolerance to the used drugs.

 An additional aspect would be the treatment support of the prediabetes, which is a serious health condition, where blood sugar level is higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. The prediabetes health condition increases the risk of the metabolic syndrome: type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and stroke.

Planned effects: as the result of the project we will obtain a brand new, not existing before on the market blend of different extracts with a high polyphenol content. We will obtain the appropriate formulation of the product with a higher bioavailability of the polyphenolic compounds and the formulation with an increased activity in the intestines.


Development of an effective therapy to strengthen the immune system, regenerate the organism and prevent the coronavirus  SARS-CoV-2 infection

Value of the project:  6 050 170,00 PLN

Value of the co-financing: 4 336 063,00 PLN

Time of realization:¬†2020 ‚Äď 2023

The SARS-CoV-2 virus, the pathogen from the coronaviruses family is responsible for causing acute infectious respiratory disease. The immune response is essential to defend, control and eliminate CoV infections. The main goal is to launch a new effective therapy to strengthen the immune system and thereby coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 prevention in the era of pandemic COVID-19.

In recent years, the advances in liposome research have acknowledged them as pharmaceutical carrier. Liposomes have not only antibacterial, but also antiviral applications. The aim of this project is the introduction to the market of innovative liposomes with both antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Our purpose is also vitamins, minerals, active substances, aromatic compounds and standardized polyphenol and anthocyanins-rich extracts encapsulation in liposomes, as well as an improvement of their bioavailability and stability. There are losses in excipients with standard diet supplement production. Liposomal supplement guarantees its load delivery. This will enhance the immune system and therefore it will lead to prevention SARS-CoV-2 virus spread.


Development of innovative products rich in polyphenolic compounds obtained from berries for use in the prophylaxis and prevention of side effects of oncological therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Value of the project:   4 907 693,35 PLN

Value of the co-financing: 3 214 109,89 PLN

Time of realization:¬†2020 ‚Äď 2023

The goal of the project is the introduction to the market of the brand new products, based on berries extracts, especially chokeberry extract, which will demonstrate cytoprotective properties and will reduce the side effects of chemo- and radio- therapy without causing any undesirable effects. Thanks to the realization of this project we will develop and obtain a product being a completely new, not existing before blend of different botanical extracts with very high anthocyanins (>20%) and polyphenols (>45%) content.

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