Current research projects


Development of natural product based polyphenols-rich extracts to support diabetes treatment


Development of an effective therapy to strengthen the immune system, regenerate the organism and prevent the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infection during the pandemic COVID-19.


Development of innovative polyphenolic compounds-rich products obtained from berries for use in the prophylaxis and prevention of side effects of oncological therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


A very important element of our activity is the control over the whole production process – from the selection of the fruits to the final product. We use our patent protected technology to produce highest quality extracts standardized for active ingredients.


Collection of fruits


Fruit segregation








A botanical extract occurs due to the extraction process, consisting of the separation of the particular ingredients from the botanical raw materials. For the extraction process we use solvents, most commonly water, ethyl alcohol (ethanol) or the hydroethanolic preparations. The use of oil, glycerine or other solvents approved for use in food industry is also possible.
Botanical extracts are also used in food industry, pharmacy and animal feed industry.
After the evaporation of the extractant a powder is obtained, i.e. the dry extract, which is a concentrated botanical extract. The dry form, due to the low water content is more stable, both microbiologically and chemically. Another advantage of the extract is its standardization. The extracts can be standardized for the content of specific ingredients (e.g. min. 25% of anthocyanins content) or based on the DER (Drug Extract Ratio), which shows how concentrated the extract is in comparison to the raw material.

Our offer includes:

botanical extracts / capsules / gels / syrups/ powders / energy shots, etc…

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