With our unique formulations and product developments we are addressing main civilization disorders including:

• diabetes

• cardiovascular

• immunology

• GI

• aging

• eye health

and others

The Primary Goal and Mission

The primary goal and mission of AronPharma is to offer novel solutions tailored to patients’ unmet needs within metabolic disorders, oncology treatment support and sports activity. AronPharma uses Greenvit’s knowledge and experience in liaison with modern and innovative approach to the development of new products and therapies. The main focus is on the research and development of innovative products and formulations containing natural extracts, new ingredients for pharma and nutraceutical/dietary supplement products. Our company puts a strong equal emphasis on the development of branded products supported by preclinical and clinical research.

Our Values are: Quality, Research, Development, Responsibility.

We build Commitment, Trust and Collaboration with Our Clients.

Our Advantage 

is the use of extracts of natural origin, in particular combination of extracts standardized for the content of polyphenols. In our products we use a homogeneous preparation in terms of composition and biological activty. The combination of extracts will include, among others Aronia extract with the highest redox potential among berry fruits and more. 

In addition, thanks to the use of the column chromatography at the stage of compound separation, we obtain the desired fraction of compounds - anthocyanins with high concentration, and hence high biological activity.

Core Business

The company’s main focus is on research and development of new products (nutraceuticals, medical devices, food for special medical purposes) based on natural extracts, mainly rich in polyphenolic compounds derived from berries (Aronia, elderberry, blackcurrant, others) but also from evening primrose and other plants rich in polyphenols. The idea and mission of the company is to introduce modern solutions of treatment support in the main disease entities, such as diabetes, cardiology, regeneration / aging processes and oncology.


A close partnership with Greenvit allows us a full integration of the product development process from the idea through development research, formulation, stability studies, preclinical and clinical research, ending with the production of raw material in the technological scale as well as the finish product. It is a unique structure in which AronPharma plays the role of a research unit (technological) while Greenvit has a production and implementation function (in terms of raw material – API).

Technology Potential

The use of the extracts obtained with the help of the new and improved polyphenol extraction methods is widespread, it can be used, inter alia, for the production of dyes, antioxidants, food additives, dietary supplements, food for special medical purposes, medicines, cosmetics, in particular oral preparations with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, adjuvant therapy of the circulatory system, improvement of the blood circulation in the capillaries, lowering blood pressure, modulating the processes of aging of the body, improving metabolism and having a positive effect on lipid metabolism

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