About Us:

The AronPharma is a newly established (December 2018) start-up company whose main shareholder are Krzysztof Lemke, PhD and Greenvit Sp. z o o. AronPharma was established as a special purpose company whose task is to develop new products based on natural extracts rich in polyphenols, in particular the extract from Aronia. The scope is to expand companies’ experience in preclinical and clinical research and development and implementation in relation to the end products. The company’s interest is within the metabolic diseases, including in particular diabetology and cardiology, support for treatment in oncology, general and sports regeneration.

The company is intended to operate based on B2B business. The main activity is to develop new innovative products that will be delivered to various companies (Distributors) that will be responsible for sale to the end-users (B2C).

The Company’s Business Model is Divided into Three Main Elements:

1) Development and implementation of extracts formulation technology;

2) Development of end products;

3) Extensive pre-clinical and clinical studies confirming the effectiveness of the developed products;

The element that is the greatest value for the company is the development of the products with specific physicochemical parameters and health indications supported by preclinical and clinical research.